Fell off the added sugar bandwagon.

So the last couple of days have been difficult I thought that after being off work on holiday for a week it would be easier to keep to my healthy eating…it turns out it actually harder. When I’m at work I have structure in what I’m taking to lunch and I’m enjoying bring home the waste for the compost but at home there’s less structure. After a couple of days I started going back to the added sugar and the results were not pleasant. After some inner reflection and a bad case of heartburn I got back on track.
I spent a day in the garden. I did enjoy making a birch hedge from my birch trees on Monday and yesterday I went into town for a new drill so I can build my frame to start my greenhouse. The week has been nice so far and I enjoyed beginners yoga with M this morning, we both think were in the wrong industry and need to devote our lives to healthy living instead. It would be great if you could make a living from being leaner and greener. I’m looking forward to going back to my walking group on Saturday, if its just as beautiful a day as it was then I’ll be happy.

From the top of The Abbey Craig



Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast – Videos – S2-Ep1: DIY Pizza Oven – Channel 4

Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast – Videos – S2-Ep1: DIY Pizza Oven – Channel 4.

On a cold dark January evening there is nothing better than dreaming about my new pizza oven for the garden. I attempted to make one last year but there was a definite design flaw. Mark 2 is going to be a variation of Jamie and Jimmy’s. Looking forward to making it work this time.

pizza oven mark one
Basic design flaw, too small and narrow. Basically it was a bit rubbish really.

I’m partially going to use Jamie and Jimmy’s pizza oven instructions except instead of using two pots I’m going to have another go at cob. This worked successfully last year in pizza oven mark one but the rudimentary design was wrong and I just couldn’t build up enough heat for it to fully work.

A Little Greener

My fitbit #Fitstats_en_GB for 1/07/2015: 4,985 steps and 2.3 miles traveled.
Back at work this week and the stats are speaking for themselves, I can’t believe that on an ordinary work day I’m only burning 1600 calories approximately. This will make it harder to get leaner. On a positive note though I’ve been bringing my waste back home for my compost (the office doesn’t recycle food waste) and I’m sure my new veggie patch will appreciate that in the summer.