Core values

I realised after watching the latest Disney movie Inside Out that respecting your body and enjoying using it to live your best life is extremely important to me. This is why I started writing my lean green year in January. So as a reminder to myself on what I want to achieve with my body I am posting a picture of one of my role models, Abby Wambach. I may not want or get to be as strong as her but I definaetly want to try to get my body into good shape. The picture also shows how my teenage body looked like. This was quite fit and healthy but not what I want to go back to that person  either. At the end of the day I just want to be the best version of myself, spiritually and physically. So let’s give this a go.




This year I am trying to be leaner and greener. Firstly I will try to eat as healthy and natural as possible. Secondly, I have also had issues with my back and I will be incorporating exercise into my life. I look forward to living in the now spiritually and feeding my soul.

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