Day 2 Samye Ling 8 day retreat

My mind is the sky and I  don’t need to worry about the weather. The dark clouds that have hung over me these last few months and felt oppressive when I’ve noticed them no longer feel the need to linger. It seems to becoming clearer and I can see the clouds in the sky and I can just say “it’s only weather”. Only one full day of meditation and prayer has made me remember something I knew deep inside me but seemed to have forgotten.    Bringing myself back to me in a day seems astounding but I really do feel better already. It’s an intense day and packed full but there’s plenty time to relish the surroundings. After tea tonight (an amazing pea soup) I walked up to Fairy Hill and sat for a while. I could see why back in the day the local people would think that it was a place where the gap between our world and  the fae folk was thin. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there is a buddhist temple in this location, wiser people than me can see the magic of a place. So while upon  the top of the hill I made an intention to let go of the attachment to money. That’s not to say that I want to live without it, it just means that I am not attached to it. I will consciously try and notice when I get jealous around money, or angry about it. I don’t need to have a relationship with it like that any more. It’s just money, just in the same way that clouds are just weather. I can be thankful for it and not hung up on it. I am going to try and recognise when I’m getting sucked in again and meditate on detachment. This was one of the practises I learned today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?






This year I am trying to be leaner and greener. Firstly I will try to eat as healthy and natural as possible. Secondly, I have also had issues with my back and I will be incorporating exercise into my life. I look forward to living in the now spiritually and feeding my soul.

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