Day one, samye ling

Arrived at Samye Ling this afternoon after a  two hour drive. The weather broke as soon as we started to pass Glasgow and the dark depressing clouds of a low pressure system that had been around for what feels like months lifted. Maybe stress and depression can be lifted as easily with this week’s retreat. I hope this week brings me back to self and I can stop stressing at work or about work.
When I arrived I felt an immediate sense of calmness, the birds were singing and day visitors were busy walking the grounds and sitting on the seating area outside the tea rooms. It actually felt too busy but I realised that the grounds were huge and I could get lost in them easily. I found a perfect spot by the river and watched a fish rise out the river, the sun glistened and I settled down on a bench. I then took my phone out and automatically start to Txt J. That was when it hit me. I suspected there wouldn’t be a signal or wi-fi but it’s not until you realise you can’t communicate with the one you love and tell her I love her.Its only then you realise how difficult it will be that it’s then a little painful, maybe this week will be harder than I thought.




This year I am trying to be leaner and greener. Firstly I will try to eat as healthy and natural as possible. Secondly, I have also had issues with my back and I will be incorporating exercise into my life. I look forward to living in the now spiritually and feeding my soul.

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