A rainy walks in the woods.

Even though it was raining and a bit murky on Saturday I had a great day clambering up Hermitage Woods in the Airthrey Estate at the back of Stirling University. I don’t mind the rain and when you’re in the woods this can be sheltered. I loved the thought of the estate having its own hermit and that he lived in a cave with its own viewpoint over Stirling. How fascinating is it to think that while the lord of the manor was taking in the view on a summers evening in their summer house, only a few yards away a hermit had exactly the same view. On a warm summers evening with plenty of fresh food and water foraged from the forest whose to say that the lords life was any better? I would love to think that the hermit would have had more peace of mind without the responsibility of an estate to look after. Maybe the compassion the Lord felt for the hermit made him feel good about sharing his estate with him. I hope it was that and not the fact that it was quite fashionable at the time to have a hermit live on your estate. Whatever the reason it would have been a great view, then and now.


Hermits cave






This year I am trying to be leaner and greener. Firstly I will try to eat as healthy and natural as possible. Secondly, I have also had issues with my back and I will be incorporating exercise into my life. I look forward to living in the now spiritually and feeding my soul.

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